By participating in any Tattersall’s Golf Club (TGC) golf event, either as a member or guest, you acknowledge that the game of golf and attendance at it in any capacity, may be dangerous and you undertake such participation at your own risk.  You also acknowledge that TGC is not liable to you for any loss, damage, injury or any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage, whether to personal property, and whether arising from default, negligence, misconduct or otherwise by TGC, its office bearers, members, or guests during your participation.

Golf Australia maintains a player’s personal liability insurance policy for members of Tattersall’s Golf Club and affiliated Golf Club.

In broad terms, this policy covers the legal liability of Tattersall’s Golf Club members to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage which occurs during play, practice or attendance at a golf event, either as a player, guest or spectator.

The policy may be viewed at www.clubsupport.golf.org.au/insurance