Please view the current golf club rules.





Bookings may also be made on the website:

User name is "tatts" and password is "golfgolf".

Now follow the prompts.

Please insert next to your name on the booking sheet:

"B" if you intend to travel on the bus (when a bus is available)

"C" if you would like to book a cart

"V" for visitor plus GolfLink Number


Members may also phone or email either:-

Peter Hyland - 0417 798 397,

Robert Gauld - 0405 322 167,


Members are requested, upon arrival at each course, to immediately register at the TGC Registration Desk. 

Should a Member, after registering on the website, find himself unable to attend a fixture, it is his responsibility to advise his partner, endeavour to secure a replacement and have the time sheet altered. If a Member cancels within 24 hours of a resort course game, and does not find a replacement, he will be charged the fee for the day.

The Single Event Trophies are for Members only and all single events are Stableford except for the Club Championships.

Visitors, who must be accompanied by a Member, are welcome on all days and are eligible for trophies as defined herein.

Once a month we will play for the Monthly Mug. It is an additional trophy donated by Tattersall’s Golf Club, and is for Members only. Members are entitled to win one Monthly Mug in any one calendar year. On the game prior to the last game in November there will be a play off between all the year’s Monthly Mug winners for the Mug of Mugs Trophy.
No player is eligible to receive two trophies on one day, with the exception of:
(a) Monthly Mugs
(b) On the second Club Championship day when Championship Winners and Runners-Up are eligible for the Best 36 Hole Nett Event.
N.B. The 4BBB Event is the Premier Event (other than single Honour Board events).

Members and their Guests should note:

  1. All Clubs now require soft spikes.

  2. Members are required to have played at least one game prior to The Tattersall’s Cup; two games prior to the Eric G. Oxenford Jug; three games prior to The Memorial Day Trophy and The President's Cup and four games prior to the commencement of the Club Championships (Gross and Nett Events).

  3. The Bob Templeton Memorial Shield is a 4BBB knockout event. The top 16 Teams of Members will qualify and matchplay conditions will prevail for the knockout rounds and the final.

  4. The “Oscar” is awarded on attendance and the best six Single Stableford scores and best six 4BBB scores over the year. Accordingly it is important that all cards are returned. Trophy is donated by Tattersall’s Golf Club.

  5. To be eligible for each daily event all correctly completed single score cards must be signed and returned immediately on completion of play.

The Rules of Golf, the Local Rules and the By-Laws of the Club are the rules of play. 

A ball must be played out until no Single Stableford points can be scored, at which point it must be lifted (does not apply for Stroke/Matchplay games).

4BBB partners should swap their single cards with players of the opposing 4BBB team.

Players must cease play immediately in the event a Lightning Warning Signal is sounded by the host Golf Club.


Please observe etiquette; play quickly - 4.25 hours per round is achievable.


Its Aim……..
As a Social Cub we play more for the 'Spirit and Enjoyment' of the 'Great game of Golf' rather than for the prizes, and as such we would therefore like to spread those Prizes and Trophies over as many of our Members as possible.
How it works………
All TGC Members to use their daily handicaps.
Each time you win an event, you will be deducted points from your future Single Stableford and 4BBB scores. The number of points deducted will depend on which Grade you play in, A, B or C (as per the following table) and the number of times you win during that year. Your 4BBB deduction will be the total of you and your partner’s current points deduction, divided by two.




Initial win -points Deducted

Subsequent wins - points Deducted to be added to your 'initial win points'

Total points deducted if you have had 2 wins


 Scatch - 14





 15 - 22





 23 - 36





Daily Handicaps and Social Club Handicap……
The adjusted points (as shown in table) will impact your Tattersall’s Social Club score from which will be determined by the winners of the day. Whilst your daily handicap score (unadjusted) will be entered into the GOLF Link Handicapping System.
Your Tattersalls’ Social Club points deduction will remain relevant the entire year and will revert back to zero at the beginning of the following year.

Does this apply to all events……
No! The following competitions are played on daily handicap only and your Social points deduction does not apply:-
Club Championships – both rounds, all grades: Monthly Mug events
Bob Templeton Memorial Shield, all qualifying rounds and finals – Refer Templeton Format.
Woodrow Cup, Tattersall's Cup, Eric G Oxenford Single Stableford Jug (both rounds), Championship Nett Trophies (both rounds).

Match Committee's Decision will be final.  No correspondence will be entered into.

Parent Club established 1865. First golfing activity occurred in 1928 in a match at Southport against Southport Golf Club. The first Tattersall’s Golf Club Committee was established in 1930 Tom Hall (President), W.F.R. Boyce (Captain) and Barney Fay (Captain).


The Club Champion

Was first played in 1930 and won by W.F.R Boyce and has been played continuously since. The Boyce Family kindly donated the Cup won by W.F.R Boyce to Tattersall’s Golf Club which will be engraved annually with the name of the Club Champion. The inaugural presentation was made in 2004. The Club Champion is the player with the lowest gross score over the two rounds of the Club Championship.

The Woodrow Cup

Was initiated in 1930 as an Honour Board trophy - for the best single score by a Member on opening day.

The Tattersall’s Cup.

First introduced as The Gilbey Cup in 1959 for a Single Stableford event. The first winner was Noel Kratzmann followed by Jim Watson in 1960.  Since 1991, when the Gilbeys discontinued the sponsorship, the event has been known as The Tattersall’s Cup.

The Oscar

This is a trophy designed to award the Member who attends most events and plays to the highest consistent standard.  It commenced in 1965 and calculates a score based on the number of events played, the best average of six 4BBB and six Single Stableford scores for the year (adjusted under the TGC Handicapping system).

The Claimers Cup

Introduced in 1965 for Members only, it is a drinking vessel awarded to each of the two Members with the best 4BBB score. (Historically, these Trophies allowed each winner to have his vessel filled with beer by any Member during the balance of the year through to the next opening day.)

The Memorial Day Trophy

First introduced in 2012, this trophy is in memory of Tattersall’s Golf Club Members that are no longer with us. It is awarded to the Member with the best single stableford score. The trophy is donated by Eric Oxenford.

The Jim Watson Memorial Trophy

This trophy commemorates the efforts of Jim Watson who was continuously on the Tattersall’s Golf Club Committee from 1939 to 1986 – Jim also became a Life Member. It is awarded to the Members with the best 4BBB score on the day.

The Eric G. Oxenford Jug 

Commenced in 2016 & is contested under Single Stableford format (in all three Grades).  The Overall Winner is the Player with the highest cumulative Points, over the two rounds. 

The Championship Single Stroke Nett Trophy

Commenced in 2016.

The Best Single Stableford Player of the Year Trophy

Awarded to the Member with the six (6) best Single Stableford scores during the year. 

The Bob Templeton Memorial Shield

This trophy was inaugurated in 1999 following the untimely death of the Tattersall’s Club President, Bob Templeton. It is a 4BBB knockout competition played between the best 16 teams on qualifying day. Qualifying round to be played off daily handicap. Matches not to be played during Club Championships.

Knockout Rounds and Final: Adjustments to Daily Handicaps, if any, for the Knockout Rounds & Finals will be declared by the Match Committee (in writing) prior to the commencement of the Qualifying Round.

First Knockout round to be completed by and inclusive of 3rd March 2019
Quarter-Finals to be completed by and inclusive of  4th July 2019
Semi-Finals to be completed by and inclusive of 10th October 2019
Final to be played at The Glades on 21st November 2019

The President's Cup

This trophy was inaugurated in 2000 and is awarded to the two Members with the best 4BBB score on the day.

Championship Blazer

Awarded to the best net score for the two rounds of the Championships from A, B or C grades.  The Jacket is donated by Robert Gauld,

Hole in One: 

Throughout the season any Member scoring a Hole In One at a TGC event will win $500.00 worth of golf equipment.